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Changes - December 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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12/18/01- Added Pocket PC Summit, Winter CES and SISCTI XXVII to the Events Chris Plans on Attending.

12/17/01- Added Snails is here! to the Press Releases. Revised BellSouth.NET since they have consolidated all their servers in the ISP Settings FAQ.  Added the power adapter information to the Pocket PC 2002 Comparison.

12/16/01- Added a new version of the FAQs page with information categorized so it's easier for people to find it.  Please let me know if you think this version is better than the original FAQs - Alphabetical.

12/14/01- Added the Linksys WPC11 and Zcom XI-815,  XI-825 to the 802.11b Wireless LAN CompactFlash Peripherals.

12/13/01- Revised the Connection Manager FAQ with more information to clarify what it does do and what it does not do. 

12/12/01- Added Hexacto announces the next game in its Sports Addict series, Griff � Cobwebb Communications to release groundbreaking sequencing / sampling tools for WinCE PocketPC�s and PDA�s to the Press Releases.

12/11/01- Revised What Hardware Does Chris Carry?  Added Wise Installer to Storage Card article by John Cody.   Added Pocket PC Bugs - Installation to describe applications with installation issues.

12/10/01- Added abcDB Wireless Release, TT Tech�s SnapNType Mini-keyboard Now Available for Palm� m500/505 and Compaq� iPAQ� 3600 series to the Press Releases.

12/9/01- I finally got Pocket PC FAQ Forums back up after working with it for the past 4 days.

12/4/01- Added AIDEM File Explorer is the very first file management S/W in the Pocket PC field with Recycle Bin to the Press Releases

12/3/01- Added links to Directions: Where is Palm Heading? Wireless LANs for Pocket PCs, The Pocket PC 2002 Gets More Features for Work and Play to the Articles on the Net.  Added additional Website References to the Awards page.

12/2/01- Added PocketConcepts releases MeetingMute v1.2, First PDA love personals site launches, Mazingo 3.0 announcement, BugMe! 2.0 for Pocket PC handhelds to the Press Releases.

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