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Changes - June 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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6/27/2001 - Added PocketPC ModMixer© 4.1, Powerlevel ver 2.6 release now available, FlashIt ver 1.0 release now available, Classic board games released by ScaryBear Software to the News and Press Releases.   Added info on synchronizing to the BE-300 FAQ.

6/26/2001 - Added interesting Palm Advertising... You'll be surprised at this one!  Added pictures of the PenCentra 200 and Mobile Pro to the Handheld PC 2000 Pictures.  Added Fujitsu PenCentra to the Handheld PC 2000 Comparison. Added information on the new HP Bluetooth CompactFlash card for Europe only to the Bluetooth Cards.

6/25/2001 - Added the Casio BE-300 Overview, BE-300 FAQ and  BE-300 Pictures.

6/23/2001 - Added to the ISP Settings FAQ.

6/22/2001 - Revised the Converting from Palm to Pocket PC to include an export of the Addresses and import them into Outlook.  Announcing RegKing Plus in conjunction with Information Appliance Associates - Now do more on your Pocket PC!

6/21/2001 - Added Parascript Launches Wireless Application Division to the News and Press Releases.

6/20/2001 - Added the Cesscomm LUXian UBIQ-2000 to the Pocket PC Phone Comparison and Pocket PC Phone Pictures.

6/19/2001 - Added SYWARE¹s mEnable Delivers Real-time Wireless Support for Visual Basic, CalliGrapher 6.0 Beta 3 is now available! to the News and Press Releases

6/18/2001 - Added PocketTV 0.4.15 released (free for personal use) to the News and Press Releases

6/17/2001 - Added the Storage FAQ to explain where you can store information and how to use it appropriately.  Added the RAM FAQ to explain how RAM is used in Windows CE and the Pocket PC.  Added a Architecture FAQ which describes an overview of the operating system architecture for Windows CE.

6/16/2001 - Added  links and comments on installing the terminal server client to the Terminal Server/Citrix FAQ.  Added a Robotics FAQ to cover the cool things you can do with Windows CE in Robotics.

6/15/2001 - Added  Pocket Informant 2.5.1 released to the News and Press Releases. Added a Repairs FAQ for users needing repairs.

6/12/2001 - Added the @migo to the Pocket PC Feature Comparison.  Added HP690/720 Net Surfing via USB, Serial and Infrared… by Phil Bridges to help users in setting up a proxy to access the internet.

6/11/2001 - Added Handheld Developer Locator Site Launches Project Posting Features to the News and Press Releases. Added the US Robotics Wireless LAN Card to the 802.11 Wireless Lan PC Cards.

6/10/2001 - Added the TrendNet CF-100 to the Ethernet CompactFlash Cards. Added CalliGrapher 6.0 Beta 2 is now available!, Password Style Removal Tool, Pocket Plot 1.0.0 BETA is now available, Catamount Software's PocketMoney® Version 1.0.3 Now Available to the News and Press Releases.  Revised the Farallon Skyline is now compatible on the 802.11 Wireless Lan PC Cards.

6/9/2001 - Updated the Embedded Systems Programming Books to include the website for the Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE Website for a sample chapter.

6/8/2001 - Updated the Awards page with references from colleges and other publications.  Added Amazing Movie Guides and Dictionaries Released, pocketBART beta released, DatePal Pro is available! to the News and Press Releases.   

6/7/2001 - Added (Free) Playlist Generator for AudioBooks on PocketPC to the News and Press ReleasesAdded the Flak Jacket for iPAQ Review from Silicon Web Australia.

6/6/2001 - Added many IR cellular phones to the Cellular Connectivity.  Added the ability to purchase a Pocket PC at Amazon.UK to the Pocket PC Comparison.  Added PocketMoney® Version 1.0.2 Now Available to the News and Press Releases.  Added the ability to convert CEWindows.NET into Japanese, Chinese, and  Korean through the link to Worldlingo in the nav bar.

6/5/2001 - Added Flash and Generator Demystified which covers how to develop Flash for the Pocket PC and Pocket PC Developer's Guide to the Windows CE/Pocket PC Development Books.  Added the Zess Phone 2000 to the Pocket PC Phone Pictures and the Pocket PC Phone Comparison.

6/4/2001 - Added Release 1.10 of Napier PocketPC Scientific Calculator, IRDAsh 1.1 now available for download and purchase, WebSync Pocket PC to the News and Press Releases.   Added Initial Configuration Recommendations to help users getting started with their Pocket PCs.

6/2/2001 - Added AportisDoc Mobile for Windows Powered Handhelds Released and Pocket Relaxer to the News and Press Releases.

6/1/2001 - Added many FAQs on the Palm-size PCs to the the Casio Software. Now there are 28 FAQs from Casio.  Added 'Try It Yourself' offer for MS(r) Reader version of Pocket PC magazine to the News and Press Releases.

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