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Robotics FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.00  Revised 6/16/2001

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Did you know that you can control a robot with your Pocket PC?  Well YES you can!  The recent introduction of low cost robotics kits allow users to create and control their own robots using Pocket PCs!


Phillip Torrone from was the first to announce the ability to use a Pocket PC to control a robot. His article with many pictures is available on his website.  This is a port of a development project that was done with a Palm and he converted it to work with his Pocket PC.

Lego RCX Programming

There's a NQC compiler and editor for the Handheld PC and Palm-size PC. You can use this on the the Pocket PC as well. NQC (Not Quite C) is a "C" like programming language to allow you to program the Lego RCX.  The Lego RCX is the controller that Lego provides in the Mindstorm sets of robotics Legos you can purchase at the store.  


So now you can have fun with your Pocket PC programming a robot to do stuff!  This really makes your Pocket PC mobile in a different way than ever before!

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