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Changes - May 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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5/31/2001 - Added PHM Today Meters 0.1 (preview) and Electric Pocket Releases BugMe! for Microsoft Pocket PC Devices to the News/Press ReleasesAdded many FAQs from Casio about the A-10/11 and A-20 to the Casio Software.

5/30/2001 - Added pictures of the MMC Cards and the desktop readers to the Multimedia Cards.

5/29/2001 - Added Multimedia Cards.

5/27/2001 - Added PC Expo, Pocket PC Fest NY and the Pocket PC Summit to the Events I will be attending.  Revised the About page with more up to date information on CEWindows.NET and Chris.

5/24/2001 - Added the Compaq WL110 Wireless LAN Card to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC CardAdded MonkeyMessenger SMS Client for Pocket PC Beta to the News/Press Releases.

5/23/2001 - Updated the Breezecom 802.11, it works with the Compaq driver on the  802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card. Added Windows Media Player 7.1 and PocketTV's streaming FAQ to the Video FAQ. Added Pocket Informant 2.5 Released! Free Upgrade for 2.x users to the News/Press Releases.

5/21/2001 - Added Smarandache eBooks to the Reader eBook Links.  PalmPilotupgrade now offers screen cleaning for the iPAQ 3600 and iPAQ 3100 upgrade to 32 MB on the Ram Upgrades.

5/18/2001 - Added Warplink to the 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card.

5/17/2001 - Added Pocket PC magazine Now Available In Microsoft Reader format, ParaGraph announces a development, support and management agreement with PhatWare for CalliGrapher & PenOffice
 to the News/Press Releases.

5/15/2001 - Revised - it's PalmPilotUpgrade not PalmPilotUpgrades on the Ram Upgrades Added 3Com 11 mb PC Card with XJack to the  802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card.  Added a Cellular FAQ to explain the different cables and CompactFlash options as well as the different ways to connect to the internet.   Added's new eBooks Store to the Microsoft Reader eBook Links.

5/14/2001 - Added PalmPilotUgrade to the Ram Upgrades - they offer to upgrade the iPAQ to 64 MB.  Added New CorrectTime� Software Fixes Windows CE Appointment Nightmares When Traveling, SYWARE's "SixPack" for Pocket PCs Provides Database Applications for Daily Life to the News/Press Releases.

5/13/2001 - Added a Table of Contents which automatically updates as I add additional web pages.

5/12/2001 - Added 802.11 Wireless LAN CompactFlash Cards to the Peripherals.  Added Palm Hardware to the Ram Upgrades - now you can upgrade your EM-500 to 32 MB!  Added Compaq and TDK Cellular cables to the Cellular Connectivity Peripherals.

5/10/2001 - Moved to a new server!  If you e-mailed me in the past 24 hours and it bounced, please resend it!  Added Pocket Mindmap 1.0 english, PocketMoney 1.0.1 released for Windows CE, Pocket PC Edition available to the News/Press Releases.  Added Bluetooth Cards to list cards that are compatible and incompatible with Windows CE.

5/8/2001 - Added the Video Converter and Image Viewer for the Casio E-100/105 to the Casio Software.   Added the Butterfly Group as compatible to the CompactFlash Storage.  Added PHM Registry Editor 0.6 , MaD Journal 2001 is here!, ezyUnZIP 1.10 (it's FREE!) to the News/Press Releases.

5/7/2001 - Added the Velo 1 Windows CE 2.0 Users Manual to the Philips Velo and Nino SoftwareAdded the Casio Mobile Video Player (free) for the E-100/105 and the Freedio Palm-size PC software to the Casio Software. Added announced as the official Dashboard skin repository, PDA Rental Service, Electric Quill version 1.5 is now available, Fax from your HPC 2000 with Truefax! to the News/Press Releases.

5/4/2001 - Added information on using Aventail VPN Client with ActiveSync to the ActiveSync FAQ.  Added to the ISP Settings - International FAQ.  Added Converting from Palm to Pocket PC to help users that have Palms and want to convert their data.

5/3/2001 - Added Enjoying Video on your Handheld or Pocket PC to the Other Articles on the Internet.  Added Review - RegKing: Making Registry Changes Easy on the Pocket PC to RegKing - The Ultimate Hack Tool for Beginners. Added PPCInstall 1.3 available for download  to the News/Press Releases.  Added Pocket Lookout to the E-Mail FAQAdded a Japanese MIDI Player to the Audio FAQ - now you can play MIDI files on your Pocket PC!

5/2/2001 - Added manuals and product information for the Velo 500, Nino 300 and 500 to the Philips Velo and Nino Software.  Added Crown Logic announces Release of CLC Journal� 3.1 for Pocket PC, Data On The Run v. 1.30, Elan Informatique launches Pocket Speech the new text-to-speech product for Pocket PC to the News/Press ReleasesXircom now has drivers for the Pocket PC for their 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Card.  Added Random Access files on the Pocket PC for VB developers by Tony Scarpelli

5/1/2001 - Added launches financial information service for PDAs, iPAQ Screen Dust Rework Released to the News/Press Releases.

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