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By Chris De Herrera 
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Changes - January 2001
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998-2001

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1/31/2001 - Added the iPAQ as supporting the Right/Left for Media Player, fixed ClearType in RegKing.

1/30/2001 - Added the iPAQ H3100 Gray Scale Pocket PC to the Pocket PC Comparison and the Pocket PC Feature Comparison.  Added Sierra AirCard 510 to the Wireless FAQ.

1/29/2001 - Added larger Glyph Cache, Casio Right/Left Buttons, option to show JavaScript errors in PIE,  fixed ClearType in RegKing.  Added information on mapping the pop-up keyboard for Terminal Server to the Terminal Server/Citrix FAQ.  Added Casio E-125 & 1 GB IBM MicroDrive Review by Justin Yu. Added review links to the Pocket PC Comparison.

1/28/2001 - Added info on more CMF movies to the Video FAQ.  Added New Media Concepts to the Microsoft Reader eBooks. Added a table explaining the different synchronization software for Windows CE to the Windows CE Versions FAQ.  Added Reader to the PC Companion Feature Comparison.  Added Windows Media Player to the Audio FAQ.  Revised ISP Settings into ISP Settings - International, ISP Settings - US, ISP Settings - Troubleshooting.

1/27/2001 - Added Terminal Server, Citrix, FAQ.

1/26/2001 - Added Sharp to the H/PC Pro Upgrade FAQ.  Added Compaq iPAQ ROM Upgrade.

1/23/2001 - Added Farallon SkyLINE, 3Com AirConnect, Xircom CreditCard Wireless Ethernet, ZoomAir to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration.   Added another iPAQ bug to the Pocket PC Bug ListAdded Abocom CFE-100 - First 10/100 CompactFlash Card, Abocom CE10T, RE450, FE1000, FE1500MX to the Ethernet FAQ.

1/22/2001 - Added DSL, FT, SPA to the Glossary.  Added SSID and WEP info to the  802.11 Wireless LAN ConfigurationAdded Byron's Emporium to the Microsoft Reader Books.  Added a Reader bug to the Pocket PC Bug List.

1/21/2001 - Added ZTerm for the Pocket PC to the Terminal Emulator/Telnet FAQ.

1/20/2001 - Added PDA, Netbios, TCP/IP to the Glossary.

1/18/2001 - Added a link for overclocking the iPAQ via software, info on the Casio EM-500 overclocking problem with the MMC card to the Overclocking FAQ.

1/17/2001 - Added La Bufadora and Ocean Cave Videos to the Video FAQ.

1/16/2001 - Added Pocket PC News - Get the latest news about the Pocket PC!

1/12/2001 - Updated the Video FAQ - added a video of CES 2001. Added a link to Orinoco's Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC, H/PC 2000) drivers to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration.  Updated the ISP Settings FAQ - Revised Earthlink DNS, MSN E-Mail Client for Pocket PC, AOL Client for Pocket PC w/Web Surfing.

1/10/2001 - Updated the802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration with information on BreezeCom.  Revised Campus Wireless on the Wireless FAQ.

1/8/2001 - Added Intel, Linksys and DLink as incompatible as well as the WEP information to the 802.11 Wireless LAN Configuration.  Added Clara.NET and FreeUK to the ISP Settings FAQCES 2001 Video and Pictures!

1/4/2001 - Added Pocket Shot, Pocket Clip Print, Print Pocket CE to the Printing FAQ.

1/3/2001 - Added multiple Ricochet PC Cards to the Wireless FAQ.

1/1/2001 - Added multiple registry hacks to the RegKing Application.  Added more terms to the Glossary.

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