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The HP iPAQ 6828 is manufactured by Quanta (unlike all other iPAQs which are manufactured by HTC).

The iPAQ 6828 shares the general design with the XDA Atom. There are other variations available. The 6818 lacks the WiFi? module, the 6815 is identical to the 6828 but targeted for the european market, and comes without the FM radio program (tbc)

How to enable Handsfree mode?
The "Handsfree" menu item in the phone menu is non functional. To switch the device into speaker mode depress and hold the green Send button during a call. Likewise, to return to normal mode, repeat this procedure.

No Sound through the speakers
A common problem with the 68xx devices is that after a use of the wired headphones the device speaker stops working. Sometimes this is caused by a mechanical malfunction (the little switch in the headphone jack gets stuck) and can be resolved by wiggeling the plug in and out a few times. Sometimes this is a logical issue. To fix it, plug the headphones in, run the FM Radio program, switch the output to speaker, and then remove the headphone plug from the jack.

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