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Registry - Messaging

The following registry settings are described here:

Change the Inbox Rich Edit Font and Size

FontFace? can be any TrueType font. If you are using ClearType, you may want to select a ClearType hinted font.
FontSize? is in points. The default is 10.

Change the Message List Font


1. Tahoma is the font. If you wish to use ClearType, then select another font with ClearType hinting.
2. 80 is the size of the font in points.
3. b indicates that the font is bold.

Save Attachments or the Whole Email on your SD Card

For Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1 only:

"AttachPath"=string:\Storage Card\Inbox\Attachments
"PropertyPath"=string:\Storage Card\Inbox

1. For the paths above to work, you need to create the folders priot to initiating this registry change.
2. Do not remove the storage card while you are using the Messaging application or it is running in the background or you may corrupt the attachments or the Inbox.

      • Requires a soft reset

Remove Sent Message Popup With SMS

      • Requires a soft reset

Default SMS Delivery Notifications to on
To always have SMS Delivery Notifications enabled:
SMSDelivery Notify = dword:1
To disable them (can still enable per-SMS in SMS settings):
SMSDelivery Notify = dword:0

Note: The SMS Delivery Notifications are a network provider option, and the recipient may refuse to allow them to be sent out

Disable the SMS Sent notification
If you're tired of the "Message Sent" notification after sending an SMS/text message, you can disable them:
SMSNoSentMs g = dword:1
To re-enable:
SMSNoSentMsg = dword:0

Note: The 'Settings' key may not exist in your device, and thus may have to be created first.

Change the SMS Sent notification text
If you just want the "Message Sent" notification to read something different, adjust the following:
SMS\MessageSent = string:Message Sent

Prevent Adding Exchange ActiveSync Account


Enable: UserCannotCreate=dword:0

Prevent Adding IMAP Accounts


Enable: UserCannotCreate=dword:0

Prevent Adding POP3 Accounts


Enable: UserCannotCreate=dword:0

Disabling Messaging attempting to Connect via SSL for POP3

By default the Inbox application attempts to connect via SSL prior to connecting with POP3 directly which slows down the initial handshake. This settng removes the Messaging attempts to connect via SSL for all e-mail accounts and speeds up your initial handshake.


Credit - Jack Cook

      • Requires a soft reset

Note: Microsoft, OEMs and carriers do not support end users editing the registry. If you edit the regisry you do so at your own risk!

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