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Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile 6 Professional if they are cell phones or Windows Mobile 6 Classic if they are not) are designed primarily for voice calls and secondarily for data and data input. Designed primarily for the presentation and entry of data with phone support secondary. These devices have larger screens that you can enter and interact with using touch screens.

Examples are the Dell Axim x51, HP iPAQ h4705, T-Mobile? MDA, Verizon xv6700, HTC Universal.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: ARM (Intel PXA, Samsung SC)
RAM: 32-128MB
ROM: 64-256 MB Flash
Display: 320 x 240, 640 x 480
Battery: Lithium Ion

Example Pocket PC 2000 - HP Jornada 525

Pocket PC 2002 Today Screen

Windows Mobile 2003 Today Screen

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Today Screen

Windows Mobile 5.0 Today Screen

Windows Mobile 6 Today Screen

The versions are documented at http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/version.htm

Pocket PC Issues
iPAQ 6515
iPAQ 6828

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