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Unresolved Activesync Problems

The purpose of this page is to maintain documentation and references on known problems, limitations, and other headaches for users of Microsoft Activesync 4.x which Microsoft has not responded to and are not addressable using non-Microsoft solutions.

This page is not intended for resolution resources although they may be included when appropriate.

Concerns, needs, problems, bugs, etc, posted here have been forwarded to Microsoft but, unless otherwise noted, Microsoft has not responded nor provided resolution options and they cannot be addressed by third party solutions.

This site also welcomes and solicits input and comments from Microsoft and it's employees which relate to any way to the following points, including explanations on why specific user problems are not being addressed.

Wifi/Ethernet/Network Sync has been removed from ActiveSync beginning with version 4.0. The only remote network sync option now available is to use Exchange Server to Sync (Exchange ActiveSync).

Microsoft has been abundantly notified of the feelings of users related to this but, to date, has given no indication if and when wifi/ethernet sync will be returned to Activsync.

ActiveSync 4.x no longer contains options for WM5 devices such as "Manual Sync" and will continually sync on an approximate 5 minute interval even if the device is powered down in the cradle.

There is no satisfactory third party option for users to deal with the need to prevent ActiveSync from loading and consuming (sometimes significant) system resources.

Installing ActiveSync 4.x "patches" Windows Media Player (WMP) to automatically launch ActiveSync when WMP is started. There is no user option in either application to prevent this from happening. With WMP10, it is possible to download and reinstall WMP10 to erase the patch, but the behaviour is built into WMP11

Downloading of all versions of ActiveSync prior to version 4.x have been removed from all Microsoft download sites due to "Security issues". While Microsoft has never publicly stated the Security issues, you can view a list of known security vulnerabilities here. ( ActiveSync 3.x versions are currently available from http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/syncsoft/activesync )

When you choose the option to combine items on your desktop and the Windows Mobil device you may experience the following:

1. Notifications on the device for calendar events that are in the past. You will have to acknowlege them.
2. Duplicates in the calendar, contacts and tasks on the desktop. ActiveSync will attempt to remove the duplicates during the sync however this is not always sucessful.

ActiveSync 4.x with Windows Mobile 5.0 now offers fewer features to manage the synchronization of data. For a detailed list see ActiveSync 4.x Limitations

To disable ActiveSync from running on your Pocket PC you need to setup a Fake Server Hack. This is only applicable for users that do not sync with Exchange.

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