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This is where you will find the latest information on Pocket PCs and Smartphones that run Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

Windows Mobile is the Microsoft application set used to run on very small devices. They support a standard set of applications such as Contacts, Calendar, Messages (e-mail), Tasks, Windows Media Player, as well as subsets of Excel, Word, PowerPoint? and OneNote?. Windows Mobile also uses Windows CE as it's core operating system.

The goal of this wiki is to provide a place to allow the Community to contribute information. If you have feedback, please post it in the comments or edit the article.

Wiki optimized for Windows Mobile

There are two different families of devices that run Windows Mobile:

Pocket PC - (Windows Mobile 6.x Professional if it is a cell phone or Windows Mobile 6.x Classic if it does not) Designed primarily for the presentation and entry of data with phone support secondary. These devices have larger screens that you can enter and interact with using touch screens.
Smartphone - (Windows Mobile 6.x Standard) Designed primarily for voice calls and secondarily for data and data input. Usually these devices have keypads and look like regular cell phones.

Windows CE - All Windows Mobile devices use the Windows CE operating system. Prior generations of devices such as Handheld PC and Palm-size PC also used Windows CE operating system and user interface with a standard set of applications.

HP - Hewlett Packard iPAQ
HTC - High Technology Corporation

FAQs - Common questions and answers
Problems and Solutions - Start looking here for solutions.
How to Hard Reset your Device - A list of devices and how to hard reset them
Unresolved ActiveSync Problems
Security - Assess and Manage the Security on Windows Mobile
Security Advisories - Find out about known Security risks for your Windows Mobile Device
Registry - The Windows Mobile Registry
Glossary - Learn more about the jargon that describes mobile computing

Microsoft's Windows Mobile Homepage
OEMS and Carriers - Overview of OEMs and Carriers
Software - Find software
Accessories - Find accessories
Community - Find other websites about Windows Mobile
Services - Windows Mobile Compatible Services
Developer - Websites to help developers for Windows Mobile
Other Wikis - Other Windows Mobile Wikis

This wiki is also available in a mobile format that is readable with your Pocket PC or Smartphone and optimized for wireless access.

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