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Communicating between Palm and Windows CE
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000
 Version 1.01  Revised 6/28/2000

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Address Beam

Address Beam allows you to send and receive address cards between Palm, Psion and Windows CE.  You must install Address Beam on both devices in order to communicate between them.

BSquare EZBeam 1.1

EZBeam allows you to send contacts, appointments, tasks and text files with Palm devices.  Palm users do not need to install any software to communicate with Windows CE using EZBeam.  You can also beam information between Windows CE devices as well.


Jetsend from Hewlett Packard allows you to transfer via infrared contacts, pictures and text files between Palm and Windows CE. You will need to install a version of Jetsend on both the Windows CE device and the Palm in order to use it. Jetsend also allows you to beam information to Jetsend enabled printers, HP Photosmart C500 Digital Camera and to the HP Capshare 920 Digital Copier. You can communicate with other Jetsend enabled devices via TCP/IP as well as Infrared. You can read a review of Jetsend right here on Pocket PC FAQ.  HP has discontinued Jetsend so newer versions are not likely..

[email protected]

[email protected] allows you to send and receive information between Palm and Windows CE. It even allows you to select what information is sent, so you can decide to only send work information or home.  [email protected] is designed for the Palm-size PCs but it works on the Pocket PCs as well.  It's free.


Peacemaker from Conduits allows you to send and receive contacts via infrared between Palm, Psion and Windows CE. Once you install the application on your Windows CE Pocket PC or Palm-size PC, you can send and receive contacts without installing any other software on the Palm. The standard version is free.  You can read a review of Peacemaker on Pocket


Synctalk from Sodeog allows you to send and receive  contacts, appointments and memos via infrared between Palm, Psion, and Windows CE including the Auto PC.  You must install Synctalk application on both devices in order to send or receive information.

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