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iPAQ Case Review
By James Campbell, Copyright 2000
 Version 1.00  Revised 10/5/2000

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Ever since I got my iPAQ, I have been on the quest for the Holy Grail! The Holy Grail being a sleek, slim, and secure fitting case, which will hold both, the iPAQ and the CF expansion sleeve. To date, I have purchased 3 separate cases and decided to share my experiences with all of you on the same journey.

1. DataSuit by BodyGlove - $19.95 @ CompUSA. This was my first case, besides the one that comes with the iPAQ, which is a complete waste, and I really like it. That is I liked it before I got my CF Sleeve. The iPAQ fits in the case safely and securely. I attached my standard sleeve in the case with the supplied Velcro and was off and bragging to my friends. The case itself is a sleek looking black with the Pocket PC logo on the front in silver. I was pretty happy with life until my CF sleeve arrived and it wouldn't fit in the case. I pushed on, still trying to find the perfect fit for my Little Buddy and his new expansion sleeve.


  • Cheap
  • Sleek looking.
  • Relatively Slim.
  • 2 CompactFlash Holders.
  • Provides good protection of your iPAQ.


  • Won't hold the iPAQ with an expansion sleeve.
  • Business cards slots aren't wide enough for standard size business cards.

Bottom Line -

Good solution for the iPAQ alone or with basic sleeve. If you want a protective, nice feeling case and you do not need to tote around the CF or PC Card Sleeve this is the case for you.

2. Pocket PC Promotional Leather Carrying Case - FREE ($50 value) from

Microsoft. I talked a buddy of mine into getting an iPAQ (not a difficult task) and submitting my name as part of the "Refer a Friend" promotion Microsoft was running for a FREE Leather Carrying Case. It was a great for both of us because he got a FREE Silver Stylus out of the deal. The case is very professional looking and seems to be made of quality leather (although eating a lot of cows doesn't make me a leather expert). I was pretty excited to open this baby up, it looked like it could fill the void I had! With great anticipation I popped my iPAQ and CF Sleeve into the case and began to zip it up. I was able to get the zipper around � of the way when my hopes started to fade away. With some effort I was able to zip it all the way closed but it is a VERY snug fit (some variation probably occurs in the sewing). Alas, this was not the answer.


  • High quality leather piece.
  • Business cards fit nicely, and look good.
  • It�s FREE, if you have a friend you can con into buying a Pocket PC.
  • Provides good protection for your iPAQ.


  • No CF slots, but hey your CF sleeve doesn't fit in it anyway.
  • Always seems to catch in upper right hand corner.
  • Not a good fit for an iPAQ with an expansion pack.

Bottom Line -

There�s an old saying; "Never look a gift horse in the mouth". Well, my ancestors must be from Troy because I found a few flaws in this carrying case. If you�re a business professional and need something more elegant than the BodyGlove DataSuit this case is for you, but don�t hope to take along your CF or PC Card sleeve because you will be sadly disappointed.

3. CEO Plus by MarWare, Inc. - $34.95. Flipping thru the pages of the new Pocket PC magazine I ran across an ad for MarWare a manufacturer of PDA cases. First I flipped right past it, then quickly backpedaled thru the pages and inspected the ad. I jumped on the web looked at their models, did some quick measuring to see which would fit the best and decided on the CEO Plus. I was so set on dimensions I forgot to consider safety so it was a bittersweet victory when the case arrived. Yes, both the iPAQ and CF Sleeve fit nicely into the case, however the case isn�t a zip around model like both the cases above. This leaves the top and bottom of the iPAQ exposed, which is great for charging but a possible protection issue. If turned upside down, the iPAQ has the potential of sliding out of the sleeve and crashing upon the ground. Other than that the case is a nice solution for my Little Buddy with his expansion card friend. The case is a three fold with several slots for credit/business cards and even a clear holder for your driver�s license. Personally, I would give up the three fold for a slimmer design but that�s just me.


  • Finally a case that holds both the iPAQ and CF Expansion Sleeve.
  • Lots of slots for stuff (CF cards, business cards, credit cards, etc.).
  • Nice black leather case. Not the quality of the leather case mentioned above but still nice.


  • The least protective case.
  • To close, you slide the strap thru a loop, which is a pain, and not very secure (would be better if it was Velcro or snap, or the best possible solution would be a zip around case).
  • Could be slimmer.

Bottom Line

If your looking for a replacement for your wallet and/or purse as well as an iPAQ carrying case this is the solution for you. Just make sure the lack of protection is worth the benefit of having the expansion sleeve at your side.


Well it seems my journey is far from over and as difficult as it is to hunt down case manufacturers it�s not going to be easy to find my perfect iPAQ case. I will be trying a few more out and will keep you updated. Until then good luck to you all on finding your Holy Grail!

James Campbell
Pocket PC Enthusiast
[email protected]

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