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Windows 2000 Installation of
Windows CE Services 2.2
By Steve Yee, Copyright 1999

 Version 1.00  Revised 7/13/99

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The official word as of yesterday (7/7/99) from NEC is that NT 2000 is not officially supported.  Also, ActiveSync 3.1 has replaced Windows CE Services for synchronization and it supports Windows 2000.


The test setup was as follows: NEC SX Laptop PII300 running NT 2000 Professional Beta 3 (version 5.0.2031, Build 2031, from Microsoft DeveloperNet July 1999 CD Set), Windows CE Services 2.2, and a NEC MobilePro 770 that was hard reset to factory defaults.


Okay, here are the steps that you need to take: (Bear in mind that I have not tried any other modifications or changes to this config. Other configs and settings may or may not work.)

1) Install CE Services 2.2 on NT 2000

2) Configure under "Phone & Modem Options" (via Control Panel) a Communications Cable between two computers. This option may be configured already automatically by NT's installer.

3) Under the properties for the cable connection, make sure that the baud rate is set to what you want to use (I set mine for 115K straight off)

4) In Control Panel, click to "Network and Dial-Up Connections". Create a new connection, using the direct connection option. This should automatically be titled "Incoming Connections".

5) Get into the properties by highlighting then doing an ALT-Enter. This will bring you up into a Tabbed Box. Make sure that the "Communications Cable between two computers" is checked. Make sure that the following is matched:

Under the General Tab: - Virtual Private Network box is UNCHECKED - Highlight "Communications cable..." and click on Properties - Verify data connection speed is at the same speed as your CE device (I set mine to 115K). Also verify flow control is Hardware - Under the Advanced tab, verify that the settings are 8-N-1. Click on OK.

Under the Users Tab: - Users allowed to connect are "Administrator" and whichever username you intend to use are CHECKED (This will activate RAS to allow incoming connections for that user) - Both "Require all users" and "Always allow direct connections without authentication" are CHECKED.

Under the Networking Tab: - Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), File and Printer Sharing, and Client for Microsoft Networks are all CHECKED. - Highlight Internet Protocol and click on Properties. - Verify that the radio button for "Assign TCP/IP addresses automatically using DHCP" is checked.

In the "Mobile Devices" folder, verify the following:

Under the Communications Tab: - Enable Mobile Device, Serial Port, and Network are CHECKED - Port is set to COMx - Communications cable between two computers - Baud rate matches your MobilePro setting. Reboot of NT may be necessary if this is not correct. - Click on Auto Connect button. Select "Com Port only for connecting to my mobile device"

Under the Preferences Tab: - Left all things default.

On your MobilePro, the following must be done:

- Under Control Panel/Password: No password must be set. - Under Control Panel/Network/Identification: Username/Password needs to be set to a username/password on the NT 2000 machine. Domain is the NT 2000 machine name. - Under Control Panel/Communications: Device Name must be changed to something other than what comes up. Under the PC Connection tab, change the baud rate to match what you set up on the NT 2000 machine.


After verifying all these settings, reboot your NT Machine. After rebooting, login and then plug in your MobilePro 770. The PC Link should automatically start.

Don't be alarmed if it retries a few times. NT RAS has to start locally on your NT 2000 Box. After it connects, you will see the User Authenticated message from the CE device.

You will have to wait a bit for CE Services under NT 2000 to recognize that something connected to it. It will begin the dialog box to Synchronize, or not to. From then on, it should create the partnership and you can then ActiveSync via Network (I used the Socket Communications LP-E PC Card), or via Serial Cable. IrDA has not been worked out as of yet....sorry...

Disclaimer: Use these instructions at your own risk. You are responsible for making sure that any and all data that you wish to keep are backed up properly and securely. NEC and Microsoft do not support this configuration at this time and do not sanction the instructions listed above. CE Services 2.2 is certified for NT 2000 Beta 2, NT 4.0, and Win95/98 only. Configurations and settings other than the ones listed above may not work, and modifying them from what is listed above should be done so at your own risk. IrDA configurations are not supported with this configuration.

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