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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
A member of the Talksites Family of Websites

Windows and Windows CE are trademarks of Microsoft
and are used
under license from owner.
CEWindows.NET is not
associated with Microsoft 

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Windows CE 2.11 Palm-size PC Screen Shots
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1999

 Version 1.00  Revised 2/10/99

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Start-up Screen

j-MainScreen.jpg (28893 bytes)

Main Menu

j-MainMenu1.jpg (28723 bytes)

Programs Menu

j-MainMenu2.jpg (29978 bytes)

Calendar - Appointment

j-Calendar1.jpg (26645 bytes)

Calendar - Day View

j-Calendar2.jpg (30359 bytes)

Calendar - Week at a Glance

j-Calendar3.jpg (30668 bytes)

Calendar - Month at a Glance

j-Calendar4.jpg (30886 bytes)

Calendar - Year at a Glance

j-Calendar5.jpg (43845 bytes)

Contacts - List

j-Contacts1.jpg (37581 bytes)

Contacts - Edit

j-Contacts2.jpg (21676 bytes)

InBox - List Mail

j-InBox1.jpg (42946 bytes)

InBox - Read Mail

j-InBox2.jpg (30995 bytes)

Mobile Channels

j-MobileChannel.jpg (30345 bytes)

NoteTaker - List of Notes

j-NoteTaker1.jpg (14941 bytes)

Note Taker - Edit Notes

j-NoteTaker2.jpg (30982 bytes)

Tasks - List

j-Tasks1.jpg (26037 bytes)

Tasks - Create

j-Tasks2.jpg (36963 bytes)

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