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By Chris De Herrera 
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Windows CE 2.11 Handheld PC Pro
(H/PC Pro, Code Name Jupiter)

By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1998
 Version 1.16  Revised 1/7/99

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Microsoft Announces the Handheld PC Professional


Fujitsu To announce H/PC Pro
HP Jornada 820 - First Looks
HP Jornada Home Page
NEC MobilePro
NTS Computer Systems DreamWriter I.T.
Philips Pulls Plug on Handheld PC Professional Plans
Samsung eGO Note
Sharp Tripad PV-6000
Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000
Vadem Clio

Versions and Differences

Windows CE 2.11 is the version of the operating system.  The Handheld PC, Professional Edition is version 3.0 of the applications and the shell.  The Handheld PC, Professional Edition uses Windows CE Services 2.2 for synchronization. The Handheld PC Professional Edition is still limited to using 16 MB of ram for internal storage (the object store).  This is the same limitation that the H/PC 2.0 had.


Todd Ogasawara's Website TO-TECH

Articles about the Handheld PC Pro:

PC Magazine First Looks - Windows CE, Round 3
New Handhelds Favor Clik! Drive
Microsoft unveils latest WinCE for Jupiter systems
M'soft Ships New Windows CE
Microsoft Gets Jupiter in Alignment
Windows CE 2.11 Launched
End user's hands on experience
LG to anounce unit that is upgradeable to H/PC Pro
More features of Microsoft's Jupiter handheld come to light
MS Preps Design for handheld systems
IBM helps PalmPilot users get their hands on corporate data

Windows CE gets connectivity apps
Microsoft OSes grow up: WinCE raises profile
Microsoft to debut higher profile WinCE on Oct. 12
Jupiter closer to rollout
Led by Acer, Taiwan readies for Jupiter tsunami
Intel targets StrongARM chip at CE
LG first out the door with Jupiter subnotebook
Communications Software Firms up for New CE
Jupiter Closer to Rollout
CE Upgrade Causes Confusion
E-Mail You Can Wear
New Laptops are Distant Cousins of Originals
Intel lands StrongARM with HP

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Windows CE 2.11 Upgrades for H/PCs

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