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iPAQ Silver Slider 5 Review
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
 Version 1.00  Revised 5/16/2002

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So you want a CompactFlash sleeve for your iPAQ and you want to get the smallest sleeve possible.  With the Silver Slider 5 (also known as the SS5) by George Mosquera, you get that and more!


The Silver Slider 5 is actually a CompactFlash sleeve and the iPAQ 3800 case merged together!  It offers the best of both worlds - front screen protection along with a CompactFlash slot in the smallest amount of space.  It's even smaller than the new iPAQ CompactFlash sleeve as well.  The CompactFlash slot draws all it's power from the iPAQ so you may see a little reduction in your battery life if you use CompactFlash storage cards.  If you use network peripherals, you will need to recharge more often so make sure you plan accordingly.  The SS5 ships with either the Compaq or the Silver Slider logo on the back based on the CompactFlash sleeves George gets to make the SS5 with.  So don't ask him to give you a specific one because it depends on his supply.

The fit and feel of the SS5 is excellent.  It snugly holds both my 3875 and my 3650 without being difficult.  The whole back is very smooth and rounded where you expect it to be to make it comfortable to hold.


Front View - the cover like the 3800 series case comes with out of the box.

Back view - As you can see the whole bottom of the back of the sleeve is the thinnest of any of the CompactFlash sleeves.


Top View - It looks similar to the standard CompactFlash sleeve.

Bottom View



The Silver Slider 5 is really a quality product. Even though each of them are made by hand, it's clear that they are made very well.  Each SS5 is painted gray to match the iPAQ.  They go even farther to protect the sleeve by adding multiple clear coats on top so the SS5 really looks like a car show finish!  You can't see where the CompactFlash sleeve and the case come together - that's how high quality George's work is!

Overall this is the new sleeve I prefer using with my iPAQ 3875.  They offer a bundle with the iPocket Bungee which you may find useful as well.  The only improvement I plan on adding to my Silver Slider 5 is The Clip to the back to make it ready to attach directly to my belt.  Since it has the screen cover it really does everything I need without having an additional case.

So if you want $25.00 off your order of the SS5, e-mail George with the discount code of CODE3048!

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