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Press Releases

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PDA Center Announces PDA Software Contest

Rockville, MD (December 28, 2001) -- PDA Center ( ) has announced today that they will be having a software contest, in which three lucky winners could win up to $131 of PDA software. This contest will run until midnight on January 15, 2002.

There will be three winners to this contest. A Grand Prize winner, who will win SMS (short message service) software, a fax manager, a WAP (wireless application protocol) browser, a Pocket PC 2002 theme manager, a photo album, a calculator that talks to you, and a few other programs. The two Runner-Ups will receive SMS software, a fax manager, a WAP browser, and a Pocket PC 2002 theme manager. Daniel Mitler, the Webmaster of PDA Center, stated, "We have received innumerous e-mails asking for free software. So, here's a great deal - $131 worth of free software, absolutely free!"

"PDA Center is a great site, this is a great contest, what more could you ask for?" commented John, a visitor to PDA Center.

PDA Center was founded in 1999 in order to provide people with the information that they need for their PDAs. Today, PDA Center serves an international audience from more than 94 countries world wide with the latest PDA news, reviews, products, software, and more. PDA Center is at 

PDA Center is a trademark of PDA Center. Other brand names, company names, or products mentioned in this press release are trademarks, registered trademarks, or trade names of their respective holders.

Please contact Daniel Mitler at (202) 777-2644 x5721 regarding any questions or for an interview.

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