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Press Releases

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CommonTime announces True Lotus Notes replication is now possible on Pocket PC 2002 mobile devices

A world first, CommonTime ( ), the developers of Cadenza (the best of breed replication software for Windows CE and Pocket PC devices) released version 2.4.3BETA on 19th December. Both European and U.S. Lotus Notes Pocket PC users have been demanding 2002-compliant sync software for some time. This software release by CommonTime has arrived ahead of market and grants Notes users the freedom to sync, send, receive and access e-mail, calendar, contact, tasks, and journal items on Microsoft's latest Pocket PC platform. The full Cadenza release will boost the uptake of new Pocket PC 2002 devices amongst Notes users, whilst handing a lifeline to existing users.

About CommonTime CommonTime is a privately owned company formed in 1994 to produce world class solutions to business problems by developing and deploying universal mobile computing applications. CommonTime was one of the first companies in the world to exclusively address this issue.

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