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Updates Week of September 21, 2003

Update: Pocket PC Awards Finalist - RegKing 2003 - The Ultimate Hack Tool for Beginners

I just found out that RegKing 2003 is a Pocket PC Awards 2003 Finalist in the Utilities - System and Registry! So if you have not checked out the free utility RegKing 2003 you may want to since it makes your use of your Windows Mobile 2003 easier!
Posted Saturday, September 27, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.63

Article: Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 4 (EUU4) README

"This release contains the following improvements and fixes:

� Appointments that span over several days are displayed correctly in Calendar
� PPP Authentications succeeds when renegotiating CHAP authorization on LAC/CHAP LNS/CHAP extended networks
� Caret no longer moves position after task switch in Inbox
� IMG tag SRC attribute now supports relative URL longer than 30 characters in PocketIE
� Download of Attachments works properly
� Enter key submits HTML forms in PocketIE
� TAB on SIP properly shifts focus when tapped
� Improved performance when saving an RTF in Word
� Low/critical battery notification icon disappears as expected once battery is charged fully
� Removed cross domain security issue
For improvement details see Appendix A: “Improvement Details.”

All previous update improvements are also included. See Appendix B: “Previous Improvements” for a detailed list."
Posted with Permission from Microsoft
Posted Friday, September 26, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.53

Article: Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 4 (EUU4) FAQ

Added information on EUU4. This is the latest set of patches for the Pocket PC 2002.
Posted Thursday, September 25, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.47

Update: Improving the Speed of XScale

Added info on the new XScale PXA255 chip which has a memory bus of 200MHz - twice as fast as the original PXA250.
Posted Monday, September 22, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.63

Update: 802.11 Wireless LAN PC Cards

Revsied the Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card F5D6020 to clarify that only version 1.0 cards work with the Compaq drivers. The version 2.0 cards use the Atmel chipset which there are no drivers available for Windows CE or the Pocket PC.
Posted Monday, September 22, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.60

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