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Updates Week of March 16, 2003

Update: ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide and ActiveSync - Identifying Unresolved Items

Added info that causes a conflict between McAfee and Activesync that disrupts synchronization.
Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.57

Update: SDIO ROM/Driver Updates

Added the iPAQ 1915 which does not require an SDIO driver.
Posted Monday, March 17, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.55

Article: Queue and Sea Strike Review

Island Labs ( ) is a fairly new developer with two interesting new game titles, Queue, a puzzle game, and Sea Strike, an arcade game.

Queue is an interesting puzzle game that juggles simplicity with challenging game play. The game screen is mounted at an isometric point of view (top-down at a vertical angle) and consists of a grid. (There’s even a 3D time limit indicator that “shrinks” as you run out of seconds).

Sea Strike - I’m betting you’ve probably already looked at the screenshot and are thinking, “SubHunt, right?” Well, you’re mostly right--this game is actually SubHunt in reverse--this time you’re the sub. By Allen Gall
Posted Sunday, March 16, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.54

Article: Realms Review

Now we have a game called Realms from a company called “Two Stunads,” ( ) and it’s one of the most polished Pocket PC games to date. The game is a simple shooter, the goal being to simply destroy enemy targets in your ship while flying around and avoiding enemy fire. The game has outstanding graphics, with excellent 3D models that could’ve been pulled from the coin-op machines of several years ago. The game is also a pleasure to navigate--most screens have a green 3D grid backdrop reminiscent of the movie Tron. By Allen Gall

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2003 by ChrisD
Rating: 2.56

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