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Windows Mobile Device Center - Event Log
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2007
 Version 1.00  Revised 2/19/2007

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This article covers Event Log messages from Windows Mobile Device Center.  The Event Log contains both status messages as well as error messages.  The error messages can be used to assist you with problems with Windows Mobile Device Center.

Finding the log:

  1. Click on Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Event Viewer to open the Event Viewer.
  2. In the Event Viewer, click on the Windows Logs folder and select the Applications log.

Error Messages:

The Application log displays error messages from applications that are running on Windows Vista.  The error messages include the date and time that the error occurred as well as the source and the event id. You must match the Source to WcesComm or RapiMgr as well as the Event ID. The following messages related to Windows Mobile Device Center may be found in the Application log:

Event ID Source Description
1 WcesComm
"Windows Mobile legacy device connectivity service started"
RapiMgr successfully started
2 RapiMgr RapiMgr failed startup
3 RapiMgr RapiMgr stopped successfully
4 RapiMgr A device was connected but WMDC thinks a device is already connected to this PC
5 RapiMgr A device was plugged in but USB connections are turned off in connection settings
6 RapiMgr A device network adapter came up, but WMDC did not get an inbound connection (could be caused by a firewall, virus scanner, anti-malware, VPN, etc)
7 RapiMgr

Plug & Play reports a WM RNDIS device, but the PC never gets an IP address for the adapter (device could be in a bad state, desktop could be blocking new network adapters, network adapter might have TCP/IP disabled by something)

8 RapiMgr WMDC received a connection from the device, but something failed during the connection protocol.


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