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Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 2 (EUU2) README
By Microsoft Corporation, Copyright 2002
 Used with permission from Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Update 2 (PPCEUU2_ENG.CAB)

This document provides useful information for end users and IT professionals to successfully update Windows� Powered Pocket PC 2002 with the latest improvements to the Microsoft� Pocket PC 2002 software included in the update.

EUU2 Improvements

This update provides improvements to the following problems.

      Server Sync cannot synchronize if a specific meeting is in Inbox or Calendar.

      FTP User/Password authentication default overrides user �anon.�

      Pocket Internet Explorer sometimes does not send Submit button Name/value information.

      Pocket Internet Explorer is slow to load a pages with JScript�.

      IMAP4 service stops responding when attempting to download e-mail with certain attachments.

      Media Player Full Screen playback breaks on second played clip.

      Advanced VPN Settings will not save in Pocket PC 2002.

      System .WAV sound files have extra noise at the end.

For improvement details see Appendix A: Improvement Details

All previous update improvements are also included. See Appendix B: Previous Improvements for a detailed list.

Setup and Installation

The PPCEUU2_ENG. CAB file includes the EUU2 improvements described above as well as all previous updates. Once installed, the device will permanently store the changes in flashable ROM, saving the device RAM for applications and program memory.

1.      Be sure to back up all of the data on the Pocket PC 2002 before beginning the installation process.

1.2.                       Ensure that the device has a minimum of 9 MB of free system RAM*. (Refer to your owner�s manual on how to free up additional memory.) The required memory is used only for the installation and will be available again once the setup has completed.

1.3.                       Be sure to keep the device connected to your power adapter during the updating process.

* System RAM is RAM available to the device apart from additional RAM storage cards.

Updating your Pocket PC while connected to a desktop computer

1.      Ensure that the device is docked and connected to a desktop computer that has Microsoft� ActiveSync� installed and running.

2.      Open ActiveSync and click the Explore button.

3.      On the desktop computer, drag and drop the PPCEUU2_ENG.CAB file onto the Mobile Device window.

4.      On the Pocket PC, tap Start > Programs > File Explorer.

5.      In File Explorer, tap PPCEUU2_ENG.CAB.

The .cab file will open and install automatically. Answer questions when prompted during setup.


         Do not attempt to turn off or restart the device while the update is in progress.

        After applying a ROM update, do not attempt to restore a backup that was made before the ROM update was installed.

Updating Tips

The EUU2.CAB file is approximately 12 MB in size. If your device does not have enough storage RAM free, you will get an error when copying this file to your device. You can try adjusting memory or temporarily removing files from storage memory. Your OEM may also have individually installable update regions available.

Before you update, perform the following backup tasks.

1.      Make a backup of the device before starting the ROM update.

1.2.                       Make a second backup after you have successfully applied the ROM backup (old backups contain mismatched registry information after a ROM update is applied.)

To manually adjust device memory, perform the following steps.

1.      Tap Start > Settings, and then tap the System tab.

1.2.           Tap the Memory icon.

3.      Move the slider to the right (toward the word �Program�) to increase storage memory. Be sure to leave at least 1 MB of Program memory free for the Update Setup program.

3.4.           If additional space is needed, you can use the �Remove programs �� and �Find large files �� hyperlinks near the bottom of the Memory Settings screen.

Please refer to your device documentation for additional information about device memory management.

Appendix A: EUU2 Improvement Details

      Media Player Full Screen playback breaks on second played clip


The lower portion of the screen will not render video properly after the first video clip when playing a playlist containing more than one video with full screen enabled.


Windows Media Player is now updated, and the problem is corrected.

      FTP User/Password authentication default overrides user �anon�


When connecting to a FTP server, the FTP API InternetOpen() always passes username=anon and passwd=user@domain, even if the application passes username and passwd to the API.


InternetOpen now checks if a user name or password is provided. If both are blank, then default value is used. Note that this improvement does not affect Pocket Internet Explorer FTP authentication behavior.

      Pocket Internet Explorer sometimes does not send Submit button Name/value information


When an HTML FORM contains multiple SUBMIT buttons with the same NAME (for example, control collection), none of the button information is sent to the server computer when the user selects one of the SUBMIT buttons.


SUBMIT buttons can now be recognized as control collections (like BUTTON and RADIO already are) and submit the information of the SUBMIT button that the user interacted with.

      Pocket Internet Explorer is slow to load a pages with JScript


Pocket Internet Explorer takes significantly more time to load pages containing JScript as compared to Pocket PC 2000. It can take over ten seconds for a large JScript block to display what should take less than one second.


JScript loading is now significantly faster.

      IMAP4 service stops responding when attempting to download e-mail with certain attachments


IMAP4 service will stop responding while retrieving messages if any message has a specific type of attached file 


File attachments that were previously affected will now successfully download to the device.

      Advanced VPN Settings will not save in Pocket PC 2002


Connection Manager Advanced VPN settings will not save. This prevents use of �Use specific IP address� and other advanced VPN settings.


Advanced VPN settings can now be saved as expected.

      System .WAV sound files have extra noise at the end


Copyright and other text information embedded at the end of .wav files are played as sound. This causes extra noise at the end of each sound file (except Alarm2.wav) 


Copyright information was removed from .wav files.

      Server Sync cannot synchronize if a specific meeting is in Inbox or Calendar


Some very rare types of meeting requests can cause Server ActiveSync to fail synchronizing any data until the meeting request is deleted. The solution is to manually identify the meeting request and manually delete it, to restore the ability to synchronize.


Server ActiveSync on the device now shows a warning identifying the specific meeting, and does not synchronize this type of meeting request.

Appendix B: Previous Improvements

Pocket PC 2002 updates are cumulative. Installing the latest EUU update automatically installs all previously released EUU improvement updates. Some devices may have some or all of these improvements already in ROM (depending on the manufacturer and the date). The following list shows improvement updates from EUU1.

      User receives "page contains errors" when visiting a WML page with foreign characters over a non-SSL connection


When visiting a Wireless Markup Language (WML) page that contains extended characters, the following error message is generated.

The page contains errors and cannot be displayed.

This problem occurs only when the page is encoded in Universal Character Set Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) by a WAP gateway. This does not affect Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Web browsing or navigating directly to a WAP page without a gateway.


With this update, WML browsing over WAP now functions correctly.

      PPP Networking


PPP fails to work when the PPP server does not provide a gateway IP address. PPP links, such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connections, typically do not require a gateway; therefore, PPP servers do not have to provide a gateway IP address.


This problem has been corrected by inserting a gateway address in routing tables if no gateway address is provided.

Any user-defined static DNS entry is always overridden automatically when establishing a PPP connection. This prevents proper DNS configuration if the remote access server (RAS) called does not provide DNS information.

Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) now requests DNS only when a user-defined static DNS is not provided by the user.

      Cannot send messages through SMTP servers that send more than one response line


E-mail messages cannot be sent through SMTP mail servers that send more than one response line upon initial connection. The following error message is generated

The message(s) could not be sent.  Verify that you have network coverage and that your account information is correct and then try again.


With this update, Inbox now reads the entire response from the SMTP server.

      IP addresses reversed upon restart of Connection Manager


IP addresses are reversed each time they are viewed in Connection Manager. As a result, connections to Internet sites that require static IP addresses may fail.


With this update, Connection Manager now prevents reversing IP addresses.

      POOM stops responding (and the calling application stops responding) if accessed through script


POOM (Pocket Outlook Object Model) stops responding if accessed through scripting.


With this update, the problem has been corrected.

      POOM Contacts performance is much slower as compared with the original version of Pocket PC 2000.


POOM Contacts reading is significantly improved, especially when reading multiple properties (such as reading all contacts as part of a backup or restore verification).

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