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Directory Structure - Pocket PC 2002
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002
Version 1.00  Revised 5/11/2002

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This is a comprehensive overview of the directory structure of a typical Pocket PC 2002. It supports long file names and subdirectories with spaces.  Also, data files stored in internal ram (not flash) are compressed at approximately a 2 to 1 ratio.

Pocket PC 2002 Directory Structure
Directory Description
\My Documents Where you store documents from Word or Excel
\My Documents\Annotations Where annotations are placed
\My Documents\Business A directory for business documents
\My Documents\Personal A directory for personal documents
\My Documents\Templates Templates for Word and Excel
\Program Files Where programs should be stored. Use subdirectories to organize them.
\Storage Card flash card
\Storage Card2 flash card
\Temp Temporary files
\Windows All .DLLs, help files, sounds and backgrounds are stored here
\Windows\AppButtons Shortcuts for the application launch buttons
\Windows\AppMgr Installation information for installed programs
\Windows\AppMgr\Install Installation information for installed programs
\Windows\Avantgo AvantGo
\Windows\Avantgo\avgoversion AvantGo
\Windows\Favorites Internet Explorer Shortcuts to favorite websites
\Windows\Favorites\Channels Internet Explorer Websites you select to synchronize
\Windows\Fonts Truetype fonts are placed here.
\Windows\Help Help Files (in HTML format only)
\Windows\History Pocket IE History files
\Windows\Start Menu Shortcuts to programs that will appear in the Start menu
\Windows\Start Menu\Programs Shortcuts to programs that will appear in the Programs menu
\Windows\Start Menu\Settings  
\Windows\Startup Programs run on reset (not power up)
\Windows\temp Temp files
\Windows\Temporary Internet Files Temporary Internet Files

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