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Configuring Norton Personal Firewall and ActiveSync 3.x
By and Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2004
 Version 1.00  Revised 7/12/2004

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Following is the procedure to configure Norton Personal Firewall 2003 with Microsoft ActiveSync. My specific technical environment, for which this configuration is used, is Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft ActiveSync v3.7.1, Microsoft Outlook 2003, and a Siemens SX56 Pocket PC (Phone Edition) Version 3.0.12039 (Build 11178).

It is reasonable to expect that this procedure, while specific to Norton Personal Firewall 2003, will function satisfactorily for prior versions of ActiveSync v3.x as well as other editions of Pocket PC. Since the rules can be just as easily removed as they can be created, there is no harm in testing this procedure on other versions of ActiveSync and/or Pocket PC if you are experiencing problems synchronizing data with Norton Personal Firewall installed.

You can find further information on configuring Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall for Microsoft ActiveSync at 

If you search Symantec's web-site for technical articles relating to ActiveSync, be advised, for some strange reason, Symantec has elected to spell ActiveSync with a space (i.e. "Active Sync"). It is recommended that you search Symantec's web-site for both spellings, "ActiveSync" and "Active Sync", when searching for updated information relating to Symantec's firewall software and ActiveSync.

This article is based on the fine work of Ada Lai at

Special thanks to Chris De Herrera for facilitating this informative web-site!

(Editor's note: This procedure will work with any version of ActiveSync 3.x and any version of the Pocket PC or Smartphone).

 1.  Launch Norton Personal Firewall 2003 and select Personal Firewall. Click the "Configure" button, which is in the lower right.
 2. Click on the Program Control tab in the Norton Personal Firewall configuration dialog. Scroll down to the bottom of the list under "Manual Program Control" until you see WCESCOMM.EXE and WCESMgr.exe. Click on the down arrow next to each program under "Internet Access" and select the "Permit All" option.
 3. Click on the Advanced tab on the Norton Personal Firewall configuration dialog. Click on the "General Rules" button.
 4. In the General Rules dialog, click on the "Add" button to add a new general rule.
 5. Select the "Permit" option for the action of the new rule, then click "Next".
 6. Select "Connection to and from other computers" for the connection type of the new rule.  Click "Next".
 7. Select "Any computer" for the computers you want to permit in this new rule.  Note, this is the default setting.  Click "Next".
 8. Select only the "TCP" protocol (not "TCP and UDP" since ActiveSync does not use UDP) as the protocol to permit. Also, select "Only the types of communication or ports listed below". Click "Add".
 9. Select "Individually specified ports" and leave "Remote" selected for Locality.  Enter port number 5678 and click "OK".
10. Click "Add".
11.  Select "Individually specified ports" and leave "Remote" selected for Locality.  Enter port number 5679 and click "OK".
12. Click "Next".
13.  Leave at default settings and click "Next".
14. Enter "ActiveSync Rule" as the description for the newly created rule and click "Next".
15. Review your settings and click "Finish".
16. The new rule now appears in the General Rules dialog box. Click "OK".
17. Click "OK".
18. Exit Norton Personal Firewall.  You are now ready to synchronize your Pocket PC with Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft ActiveSync!

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