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Windows Phone 7 Series Hardwaer FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2010
 Version 1.03  Revised 3/30/2010

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Common Questions and Answers about Windows Phone 7 Series Hardware

The hardware for Windows Phone 7 Series is tightly controlled by Microsoft.  So far here are the characteristics that have been discussed:

  1. Display - Color 800 x 480, rotateable (future update supporting 320 x 480)

  2. Hardware accelerated 3D

  3. Supports capacitive multi-touch, soft keyboard

  4. Acelerometer

  5. GPS

  6. Wi-Fi

  7. Cellular - GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, EvDO, 1xRTT

  8. 3 hardware buttons

    1. Windows Button - Displays the homepage.

    2. Back Button - Goes back the prior screen.

    3. Search Button - Searches locally or on Bing depending on the context.

  9. Optional hardware keyboard

  10. Radio (displayed in Music & Video hub)

  11. No removeable storage support (no flash card support)

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