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Windows Phone 7 FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2010
 Version 1.02  Revised 4/3/2010

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Common Questions and Answers about Windows Phone 7 Series

  1. Microsoft has changed the branding from Windows Phone 7 Series to Windows Phone 7.

  2. End User Experience Philosophy - Joe Belfiore

    1. Deliver a smart design that anticipates they things they need and makes a phone easy to use

    2. integrated experiences - Brings together the best of the web and applications on your phone.

  3. Design Philosophy focuses on balancing 3 core principles per Albert Shum, Director of Mobile Design for Windows Phone 7 Series:

    1. Personal - Expressing the experience the way you want it.

    2. Making it relevant - knowing where you are and who you are with.

    3. Always connected - Phone connected to the internet, connect to yourself, connected to the cloud

  4. UI Design Core Principles

    1. Designed the UI design language before coding screens.  It's all about the flow and not about the landing spots.  This language is the foundation that developers will use in their applications.

    2. Alive in motion is critical to the UI.

    3. Making it authentically digitial - not about applying chrome.

  5. The homepage is compose of live tiles

    1. Users can customize what tiles are displayed

    2. Tiles are dynamically updated - Displays latest status from user, calendar event, etc.

  6. Organizes data into hubs (integrated experiences).  The idea of a hub is to create a central location that is task oriented around a data type.  Hubs use a panormaic experience where the screen overflows to the right indicating there are more options. Here is a list of the hubs:

    1. People - This is all your contacts across all data sources

    2. Pictures - This is a collection of pictures that are local and remote at locations like Facebook or Windows Live

    3. Music  & Video - The Zune HD experience

    4. Office - Microsoft Office applications

    5. Games - On device games and online games.

    6. Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace - Online marketplace for applications

  7. Data is integrated across all applications visually while it is stored separately.

  8. Navigating the menus

    1. Uses pivots to organize the content being presented based on common views such as most recent

    2. A button bar is displayed across the bottom in applications that need more optuons

  9. Windows Phone 7 Series supports gestures and flicks such as Press and Hold.  These gestures and flicks are identical to the ones that are supported in Windows 7.

  10. Integrates with  Bing, Windows Live and Facebook throughout the applications.

  11. Includes identical functionality to the Zune HD including synchronization with Zune Desktop on your PC and Zune Marketplace.

  12. Supports push e-mail from Exchange including multiple Exchange e-mail accounts.  Also, supports other e-mail systems such as GMail, Yahoo and Facebook.

  13. In calendar, there's an "I'll be Late" option that allows you to e-mail all the participants quickly.

  14. Windows Phone 7 Series is not backward compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier.   Applications are not compatible because Windows Phone 7 Series now uses Silverlight and XNA for all applications.  See the Developer FAQ for details.

  15. Windows Phone 7 Series does not allow end user applications to multitask.  This is to provide the best user experience.

  16. Cut, Copy and Paste are not supported.

  17. Microsoft continues to plan on investing in Windows Mobile 6.x. (per Steve Ballmer at the end of the keynote).

  18. Adobe is working on developing Flash for Windows Phone 7 Series.

  19. Windows Phone 7Series is expected to ship in Q4. HTC has committed to delivering a Windows Phone 7 Series device.

  20. Existing Windows Mobile 6.5 devices will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series.

  21. Windows Phone 7 Series does not support removeable storage (including flash cards)

  22. Currently no upgrades for existing devices have been announced.

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