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Windows Phone 7 Series Developer FAQ
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2010
 Version 1.04  Revised 3/30/2010

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Common Questions and Answers about Windows Phone 7 Series for Developers

  1. Design Philosophy focuses on balancing 3 core principles per Albert Shum, Director of Mobile Design for Windows Phone 7 Series:

    1. Personal - Expressing the experience the way you want it.

    2. Making it relevant - knowing where you are and who you are with.

    3. Always connected - Phone connected to the internet, connect to yourself, connected to the cloud

  2. UI Design Core Principles

    1. Designed the UI design language before coding screens.  It's all about the flow and not about the landing spots.  This language is the foundation that developers will use in their applications.   (Microsoft developed 5 different langauges and chose this version)

    2. Alive, in motion is critical to the UI.

    3. Making it authentically digitial - not about applying chrome.

  3. Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series is done using Silverlight and XNA which includes using the XAML markup language for UI design.  However using Silverlight in the browser is not supported.

  4. The UI design is based on Metro.   Metro has been used as part of the UI for the Zune and Media Center.

  5. Developer tools are free and use Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4.0.  There are extensions that are specific for Windows Phone 7 Series including an emulator.

    1. Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP

    2. Expression Blend 4 Beta

    3. Microsoft Expression Blend® Software Development Kit (SDK) Preview for Windows Phone

    4. Microsoft Expression Blend Add-in Preview for Windows Phone

    5. Code Samples

  6. Windows Phone 7 Series - Installing the SDK - Screen shot by screen shot of the installation process.

  7. Windows Phone 7 Series is not backward compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5 or earlier.   Applications are not compatible because Windows Phone 7 Series now uses Silverlight and XNA for all applications.

  8. There are extensions to Sliverlight to support Phone hardware such as acelerometers, location of the user, microphone and camera, as well as the Microsoft Notification Service.

  9. The Microsoft Notification Service is required to provide a standard method for your application to wake up and process push notifications.

  10. All data stored from your application is isolated from all other applications.

  11. There is no built in database functionality built into Windows Phone 7 Series.

  12. 3D Hardware Acceleration APIs supported in XNA


  1. More Developer Information from Microsoft

  2. Sample apps are available at Reddit

  3. Programming Windows Phone 7 Series by Charles Petzold (Sample Chapters)

  4. Intellectual Property Concerns



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