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Windows Mobile 5.0 Soft Reset
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2006
 Version 1.01  Revised 2/20/2006

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As you may know the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs provide a way to "reboot" them.  This process is called a soft reset.  However with Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs and Smartphones, users need to ensure that all data stored in ram is written to flash before performing a soft reset.   If you do not follow this process, you may corrupt some data on your Pocket PC or Smartphone. This is different than prior Windows Mobile devices that store data in ram.

Safe Soft Reset for Pocket PCs

So in order to perform a safe soft reset, press the power button to put the Pocket PC into suspend mode.  Then wait a 5-10 seconds before pressing the reset button to reset the device. When the Pocket PC goes into suspend mode the cache is flushed (i.e. copied from RAM to flash).

Safe Power Off

If you want to remove the battery of your Pocket PC or Smartphone, you must wait until you power off the device.  When you power off the Pocket PC or Smartphone, the cache is flushed (i.e. copied from RAM to flash).  If you remove the battery while the device is on (i.e. the screen is visible) you may corrupt the internal flash storage on your Pocket PC or Smartphone.

Error 86000209

If you see the error 86000209 when you sync, this may be caused by performing a soft reset without letting the system write the data stored in ram to flash.  Try unchecking the box to sync the Inbox, sync and then recheck the Inbox.

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