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Windows Mobile 5.0 AKUs
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2007
 Version 1.01  Revised 11/5/2007

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Adaption Kit Updates (AKUs) � Microsoft�s Patches for Windows Mobile 5.0

Microsoft releases patches as Adaption Kit Updates (AKUs) . Normally AKUs are used to provide patches however Microsoft has decided to include new features with them.  Also, Microsoft has never published a list of the AKUs that have been released and what features have been included.  You can see a list of AKUs at  Microsoft only releases AKUs to OEMs.  It is up to each OEM to decide whether or not to offer an upgrade which includes AKUs for it�s customers.   Also all these AKUs are rolled into the latest release of Windows Mobile 6.0.

What AKU am I running?

So in order to know what AKU version you have installed, take a look at Start � Settings � System � About and look at the build of Windows Mobile that is installed.  The main build number is 14847.w.x.y where w is the major version and x is the minor version of the AKU.  One important AKU to be aware of is 2.0 which is the Messaging and Security Feature Pack which provides push e-mail.   

List of AKUs and their Features

AKU Number Features/Fixes
1.0 Smartphone
Ability to use portrait or landscape.
Ability to use Smartphone without a SIM card.
Ability to schedule all mailboxes to send/receive.
Ability to send SMS while viewing the call history.
Pocket PC
Added fixed dialing numbers (FDN)
Added Alarm Clock indicator to Today Screen
Added full SIM contact support
Function Key Lock
1.1 Added Bluetooth A2DP profile support
Added Wi-Fi notifications for secure connections
Fixed numerous Wi-Fi performance bugs
Added hard drive support (Samsung i300)
Added fast screen rotation for Pocket PC
2.0 Added Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) - Direct push technology and GZIP Compression
Added SMIME support for Messaging
Internet Explorer for the Smartphone now supports frames and 2 is up and 8 is down.
Internet Explorer Mobile adds accelerated scrolling, Fast Back feature, support for compiled WML, WMLScript over HTTP, and enhanced DOM standard
Added wireless manager to turn on and off wireless features.
Added SIM toolkit to standardize the SIM functionality
Removed Clock and replaced it with battery indicator for Pocket PC in upper right corner

A known problem where the local certificate used for Exchange ActiveSync is deleted.  This is fixed in AKU 3.x.

2.1 Added dynamic switching between portrait and landscape displays (Example: 6700 series Pocket PC)
2.2 Allowed Pocket PC user to select battery indicator or clock in upper right corner.  Added the ActiveSync Serial Switch program (for OEMs) to switch back to PPP over USB.
Speeds up the boot time for Pocket PCs by approximately 15 seconds.
2.3 Provides an option in Connection Manager for users to revert back to PPP over USB to sync.
Patches for errors.
2.5 Added SmartDial for Smartphones with Qwerty keyboards
Ability to change the dialing font color
2.6 Added 2x zoom to Windows Media Player
3.0 AKA Venti
Added Language Provisioning where OEMs can bundle more than one language in ROM however user can only select the language once after a hard reset.
Added Compact .NET 2.0 runtime
Microsoft standard internet sharing utility to use device to connect to the internet for your PC including being a Bluetooth Access Point.
New Wi-Fi connection wizard makes setup easier and support for WPA2 and QoS
Added Bluetooth FTP profile and improved A2DP sound quality
Added AJAX support to Internet Explorer
Navigate folders on Pocket PC without using stylus
Can send contacts vCards via SMS
Can save SMS to SIM card
Added SMS over GPRS if carrier supports it
Added support for external displays
Fixed US Daylight Savings Time Change beginning in 2007

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