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Here is where you will find information on Windows CE 4.2:

Windows Mobile 2003

  1. Windows Mobile 2003 Articles
  2. Windows Mobile 2003 - Enterprise Features
  3. Windows Mobile 2003 - Enhancements for All Users
  4. Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrades
  5. Windows Mobile 2003 Comparison
  6. Windows Mobile 2003 Today, File Explorer and Notes Screen Shots
  7. Windows Mobile 2003 ActiveSync Screen Shots
  8. Windows Mobile 2003 Calendar Screen Shots
  9. Windows Mobile 2003 Contacts Screen Shots
  10. Windows Mobile 2003 Tasks Screen Shots
  11. Windows Mobile 2003 Inbox Screen Shots
  12. Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket Internet Explorer Screen Shots
  13. Windows Mobile 2003 MSN Messenger Screen Shots
  14. Windows Mobile 2003 Windows Media Player 9 Screen Shots
  15. Windows Mobile 2003 Games and Pictures Screen Shots
  16. Windows Mobile 2003 Settings Screen Shots
  17. Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Screen Shots

Also See Windows CE 3.0 for additional information.


ActiveSync 3.7
ActiveSync 3.7.1
ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide
Compact .NET Framework Performance
Pocket Office Features
Securing the Pocket PC A Threat Assessment

Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Bugs - Software

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